The Firefly



The worst enemy to a climber's progression is the wall the climber never attempts. The Firefly allows you to train without fear on harder climbs without the stress of losing precious gear. 

This revolutionary equipment allows a climber to recover a quickdraw from any height, so if it’s your first clip or your 15th, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the firefly. Feel the freedom of climbing without boundaries. Climb, set, lower, and pull.

This is for climbers who want to become better.

Media & Reviews

I love this thing. You can give the 5.13’s a try every time you visit the crag without leaving booty behind once and for all. Very ingenious invention.


A really clever and thoughtful piece of gear that honestly I’ve been needing for years. I’m the most experienced in the group of climbers I usually go out with, so trying routes at my limit are usually not really an option without risking gear. This changes that completely for me.


I was amazed I had not seen any products similar to this one. This is very intelligent and I am extremely excited to use it. It solves one of the biggest problems climbers face, having to sacrifice gear to the rock wall.


Basically the second I saw an ad for Firefly, I ordered it. You've really addressed something that I've always been annoyed with for the 10 years or so that I've been climbing and I can't way to try it out.


I recently just started pushing myself in sport climbing and had to leave my first bail biner after spending 20 minutes trying to stick clip my way up a route. The next day I saw an ad for your product in instagram and couldn’t think of a better device.


Used it two days ago and it worked like a charm.


Save your gear, Elevate your Training




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