How to attach and use the Firefly

Step By Step Instructions

Check that this product is compatible with the climbing equipment you will be using and practice following the step by step instructions below before using the Firefly in outdoor climbing.

Before Use:

  1. Ensure that both screws are firmly holding two pieces of the Firefly product together.
  2. Take the 275 cord included with the Firefly and tie a simple loop on one end of the cord. **The loop should be approximately the size of the loops that are on both pieces of the Firefly product.**

Optional- Include a spare carabiner in your equipment when climbing (for use of the spare carabiner, see step 3 of Attaching the Product).

    Attaching the product:

    1. Attach the Firefly onto the carabiner without opening the gate.
    2. Feed the looped end of the 275-cord through the eye of the hangar from the rear of the carabiner so that the looped end hangs even and on the same side of the hangar as the Firefly product.
    3. Attach the looped end of the 275-cord to the loops of the Firefly product by either using a spare carabiner or tying the end of the 275-cord to the loops of the Firefly. Let excess cord rest at the feet of the operator on the ground

    Using the Product:

    Warning: Only use the Firefly product from the safety of the ground when there is no longer any weight on rope, carabiner, and quickdraw to which the Firefly product is attached and there is no one on the system.

    1. Be sure that no climber is part of the system before use. Take climbing rope in one hand and the 275 cord in the other hand.
    2. Apply slight pressure on the climbing rope with one hand while firmly pulling on the 275-cord with the other hand. This will detach the carabiner from off of the hanger. If, for whatever reason, the carabiner does not detach from off of the hanger, adjust the angle of the 275-core from the wall and repeat step 2. **It may be necessary to release or flick the climbing rope to negate the ropes weight from the system**

    Warning: Do not immediately let go of the 275-cord once the carabiner is detached from the hanger. Failure to comply may result in damaged climbing equipment or injury from falling objects.

    1. Slowly feed the 275-cord up and through the eye of the hanger as the rope, carabiner and firefly come safely down to the ground.
    2. Detach the 275-cord from off of the Firefly product and feed it through the hanger in either direction until it is free from off of the hanger. **Make sure that all knots are removed from 275 cord before attempting to lower or pull through the hangar**

    Additional information:

    Even when using the Firefly, or other climbing products according to proper procedures, rock climbing inherently presents substantial risks of injury or death.


    The Firefly is not intended to support the weight of the user. Any attempt to use the Firefly to support the weight of the user, regardless of the size of said user, may result in loss, injury or death, and may compromise the structural integrity of the product, making it unsafe for normal operation.

    When removing the firefly with attached carabiners from rock walls, the equipment may fall from a substantial height and pose a potential threat to individuals below. Look out for falling objects when using the Firefly. Wearing a helmet may help to protect users from injury in some cases.



    Parts of the System

    1. Hangar: Permanent Rock Anchor Bolt Hangar
    2. Firefly
    3. 275 cord, Pull Cord
    4. Carabiner: carabiner attached to the Hangar
    5. Attachment Range: Range that has been tested with the intended use of this product; where the product will not impede the gate of the carabiner from opening, and will also allow for maximum clearance from the hangar as the carabiner rotates off the hangar.


    Additional video instruction



    The Firefly is only to be used by persons who are competent, responsible, and trained.

    READ BEFORE USE: Before using the Firefly obtain training on its proper use and function by contacting Tepet (DC Mountaineering). Read these instructions and warnings before use. Training and practice are essential before using the Firefly. This product is only used to retrieve carabiner/quickdraw equipment from a hanger on the face of a rock wall while the operator is on the ground and off of the system. Deviating from these instructions will constitute improper use of the Firefly. Climbing is inherently dangerous and Tepet (DC Mountaineering) is not responsible for any loss, injury, or death due to improper use of this product. There is no guarantee that the Firefly will recover your equipment.

    Tepet (DC Mountaineering) is not liable for loss associated with the use of its product. 


    Product Disclaimer:

    The Firefly is intended for the sole purpose of detaching carabiners from hangers on the face of rock climbing walls. Any use of the product for any purpose other than said sole purpose constitutes misuse of the product. Any instance in which the user does not exactly comply with the protocol established in the provided user manual constitutes misuse of the product. Tepet (DC Mountaineering) and its affiliates are in no way liable for any damage, injury, or loss caused by misuse of the Firefly.

    Tepet (DC Mountaineering) will not be liable for any loss, damages or injury, either of personal property or bodily harm, caused by use of the Firefly when said product is obtained from a source other than Tepet (DC Mountaineering) or its authorized affiliates. This would include, but is not limited to, the purchase of the Firefly through a third-party seller, or a private party sale, regardless of whether or not the product is used in compliance with the terms of this disclaimer or the Firefly user manual.

    Warning for California residents:

    This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to